Make choices. 🧐

Make choices that suit you. As a student, you have a maze of opportunities to choose from. Your first professional choices will open some doors and close others. Taking these decisions are not easy. To make sure you are not mistaken, be clear-sighted about what you love and what you are good at.

Be Ambitious. 🚀

It’s not about hierarchical or salary levels, it’s about getting what you really want. The job market is full of jobs that simply do not meet your expectations. Working 8 hours a day for 40 years in these kinds of jobs can’t be your plan A. So don’t lower your expectations.

Position yourself.📍

Thousands of students graduate every year with a degree equivalent to yours. You have to be able to stand out. If you have already discovered the field that drives you, position yourself gradually on it. Whether it is a particular industry or a particular role,… it doesn’t matter. The goal is to give good reasons to those who have things to teach you in your field, to hire you.
How? By investing your time in learning.

Live concrete experiences. 🌎

What will make the difference are your skills, not your knowledge. They are acquired through concrete experiences where you deliver value and receive useful feedback.
If it is an internship, choose it carefully because you will not have the opportunity to do many of them. Afterward, things will work out by themselves and you will converge to the job that suits you.

Use us. 👋

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